Costumes entered into the masquerade must be made by the person entering. Anyone can enter the masquerade whether the costume is bought, altered, or handmade. You will be able to present your character on stage and be in with a chance of winning prizes. There will be a separate Kids and adult masquerade at the event.

Cosplay is not limited to anime it can be a character from any fictional universe (eg. comics, games, pop culture etc.)

There will be no prejudging at the Masquerade.

Any event or costume queries email with the event in the subject (eg. ‘WALES COMIC CON MASQUERADE’)


If you apply for the Masquerade you will NOT be automatically entered into the Championship.

If your costume is 75% made by you and you would like to enter the Championship you will need to fill out a separate form.



  • Only one entry is permitted per person or group.

  • Sign-ups are ONLY available online and will close a week before the event. We occasionally accept sign-ups on the day if the capacity has not been reached.

  • Costume eligibility will have to be checked before entering, if your costume breaches any of our terms we have the right to terminate your entry.

  • There are no age requirements but please make it clear in the application which masquerade you are signing up for (Kids or Adults).

  • On the day of the event, you will have to check in at the side of the stage half an hour before.

  • Any staff, crew, guests, or employees are not eligible to enter the masquerade.

  • Please e-mail to enter the masquerade.



The team reserves the right to interview the attendee should the costume be deemed as unsafe for the stage. 

  • All costumes should be acceptable to wear in public - Nudity, adult fetish attire and extreme BDSM is not allowed.

  • Entrants should be able to move around safely in the costume and should not impede their ability to access the stage.

  • Costumes must NOT contain any offensive, racially motivated, or endorse any form of hate or hate group. No black face or cultural appropriation. No part of the costume should include any harmful or potentially harmful materials.

  • Costumes & Props must not create or involve naked flames.

  • Any larger costumes may not exceed 3 meters between two points of the costume or prop.


All props should meet the following requirements:

  • All item props should be less than 150cm in length - anything longer must be dismantled in crowded areas.

  • Any type of skates are not allowed inside any part of the venue.

  • Heavy items that could be used as weapons are not permitted. (eg. crowbars, iron bars etc.) Additionally, any power tools are not permitted. 

  • Be mindful of the public - props should be hidden/covered up outside of the event regardless of how realistic - this prevents any unnecessary interaction from bystanders or the police.

  • Any prop that can be fired is not allowed.

  • No sharp or pointed parts

  • Tails or trains are permitted but be mindful of crowded areas as they could be a slip or trip hazard



  • Metal blades - sharp or blunt e.g. swords, axes & knives

  • Bats - wooden or metal, including baseball bats

  • Guns - handguns, rifles or any other artillery

  • Crossbows and strung bows capable of firing and sharp-tipped arrows

  • Gas canisters made from metal or plastic of any kind

  • Nails protruding, or any other sharp items protruding from items or costumes

  • Laser pointers, regardless of being part of a costume or prop

  • Any item that is deemed illegal to carry in the UK

The staff and venue are not responsible for the storage of banned items.



  • Unrealistic guns and toy guns such as Phasers and plasma guns are allowed up to 150cm

  • Realistic imitation firearms such as airsoft guns and BB guns are allowed as long as they have the brightly coloured tip or a muzzle fitted

  • Bows and crossbows are allowed if unstrung or which are props which cannot be operated or fired

  • Slings and catapults are allowed however no ammunition may be carried and will be confiscated if found

Please bring items at your own risk, if staff and security deem them to be a risk to the event and its attendees, confiscation, and ejection from the event is highly likely. All props will be checked on entry and if any of the items do not adhere to any of the rules they will not be allowed in the event.


Monopoly Events reserves the right to deny entry, withdraw access, or cancel tickets without refund. Monopoly Events Staff & Security for the event and venue reserve the right to reject any weapon or prop if deemed likely to cause a nuisance.


Monopoly Events want all our visitors to enjoy our events therefore if you are in any doubt on any of the guidelines written here please check before choosing your costume by emailing


As part of the masquerade applicants will be given a 30-60 second time slot to perform on stage in character.

  • If you enter as a group you can’t also enter as an individual.

  • NO smoke, confetti or fire!

  • You will not get dedicated music on stage.

There will be treats, rewards & honorable mentions for both the Kids & Adult Masquerade but this will NOT be solely based on costume design - This is just for who impresses the audience and who has the most fun!



Each participant's information will be collected and used by Monopoly Events in accordance with the ‘Privacy Policy’ By entering the Cosplay Masquerade you agree and acknowledge to have read, understood, and agreed to both the rules and Privacy Policy.


Monopoly has the right to disqualify any participant or remove the prize from any winner if found to be tampering with the entry process or acting in violation of the rules.