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Cosplay Guests

Scotland Comic Con is well known for it's amazing array of Cosplay visitors and we think everyone of them looks amazing, we have a number of professional Cosplayers for you to meet this year and we are so excited to announced each and every one of them! Have a look at all the amazing folk in costume that you can grab a selfie with!




#wishmama is coming to scotland from Northern Ireland as DunBrochs own princess Merida.


Bow and arrow in hand stop for a photo sign up for the competition and let's make cosplay fun!


Be brave enough to change your fate and fight for your own hand in the cosplay fun and games at this year's Comic Con Scotland!


Welcome Zara, she has been cosplaying for six years and is mostly known for cosplaying Twi'leks from Star Wars.


This amazing hobby has brought so much joy to her life, from raising money for charity, learning new skills, and meeting some amazing people and fellow cosplayers.


She loves using her hobby to spread positivity and encourage others and is excited to see what comes next especially at Comic Con Scotland this October !


The Ghostbusters of Glasgow are made up of a group of dedicated Ghostbusters fans who, in their spare time attend comic cons, charity events and personal appearances to help raise awareness and money for various charities across Glasgow and Scotland.

A group of film fans with a love for all things spooky, this year at Comic Con Scotland they will be raising money for Samh so come and say hello!




Back from his travels, Sloth returns to Comic Con Scotland to say hi to the Goonies fans! Give a shout across the floor with a "HEY YOU GUYS",

Offering free hugs, but don't be stealing his Baby Ruth.

Sloth will be attending Sunday to meet you all.


Lil Bow has been designing costumes & cosplaying since she was 6 years old!


She is probably best known for her unicorn costume...her favorite by far.


She loves the reactions she gets from the kids at comic cons As she is only a teenager herself she sees the joy cosplay can bring to others and cant wait to see you all at Comic Con Scotland!


“Zordon! Come In!!!"


Two of the top Power Ranger Cosplay teams from all over the UK have united to attend Comic Con Scotland and share their love of Power Rangers!


Spanning generations from Mighty Morphin' to Beast Morphers! A team of rangers strong enough to even defeat Lord Drakkon himself!


"Ai Ai Ai!!”


Welcome to Nemesis all the way from the Umbrella Labs in Northern Ireland. He on the hunt for Monoplay S.T.A.R.S.! Paul likes to cosplay a variety of characters from Disney's Beast, Deadpool and of course Nemesis from Resident Evil.

Paul loves to volunteer his spare time to cosplay for a lot of charities with his #wishfamily and play Warhammer.

He is excited to see you all at Comic Con Scotland


Christopher Lambert may not be able to make it but lets welcome a Mortal Kombat Cosplayer.  


Paying homage to Raiden from the famous film and game franchise we have David from Son of Krypton cosplay.


Raiden is the eternal God of Thunder and protector of the earth realm . He will be joined by one of the other seven original Mortal Kombat characters...Johnny Cage aka Darren from Belfast Boy Wonder.


They cant wait to meet you all and make this event a "FLAWLESS VICTORY" 


Welcome the girl with no name and many faces...cosplayrebecca.

The lethal assassin Arya Stark cosplayer is coming to comic con Scotland to cross The Hound off her list.


Are you a brave Cersei or Joffrey cosplayer who would dare for a photo with this amazingly talented cosplayer or will you be stuck with Needles' pointy end?


Ayanna and Nathrann are a couple of French cosplayers Now based in Edinburgh, they have been creating costumes from scratch for 11 years! Entering and judging contests, giving panels, and publishing as much informative content as possible online, they love being part of the community and love being involved in every aspect. From giant Pandarens, to Bioshock drysuits, or more historical costumes like Outlander, they love to challenge themselves and work on every possible project.

They cannot wait to come to their first Scottish convention and meet you all!


Meet Jenn! Also known as CosplayPulse! Jenn will be joining us at Comic Con Scotland all the way from The Netherlands!

She has been cosplaying for over 5 years, mostly as characters from games, comics and Anime.


Besides Cosplaying she also likes to stream in her free time and hosts at events and she cannot wait to see you all in October at Comic Con!


A Captain of equally dubious morality and sobriety, a master of self-promotion and self-interest, Jack fights a constant and losing battle with his own best tendencies. Captain Jack Sparra is an amazing lookalike, soundalike and actalike of the much loved legendary pirate of the Seven Seas and the irreverent trickster of the Caribbean. Having made his own screen accurate outfit and props and mastered all of the characteristics that make Jack such a legend ... this is the day you will remember as the day that you actually caught... Captain Jack Sparra...


Comic Con Scotland welcome the fabulous Amy and Jen.

Amy and Jen have been cosplaying for years individually but for Comic Con Scotland they are uniting as two of Gothams favourite villains Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

They regularly attend charity events and conventions and want to share their love for cosplay with everyone.

Cosplay gives these ladies a chance to entertain and be themselves.


Alastair Neil will be attending Comic Con Scotland as the Predator...


An alien hunter who seeks prey for trophies and thr glory of the hunt . You may have stumbled across him at other conventions but you can meet him here at Comic con Scotland... 


Are you brave enough to get a photo...?


Hailing from Northern Ireland the Bungie Bros are making an appearance this year at Comic Con Scotland.


Showcasing their individual work with costumes mostly Master Chief from the legendary game HALO.


Just remember "A hero need not speak. When he is gone, the world will speak for him"


The 99th Garrison operates mainly in the Northern part of the United Kingdom, with outposts in the East Midlands, North Wales, North West and North Lincolnshire. The Garrison's primary aim is to raise funds and awareness for charities and worthy causes - and they also turn up at the occasional wedding and birthday party.


They bring with them their awesome Wampa for some great photo ops with fans and can't wait to see you all at Comic Con Scotland!


The Crystal Wolf has been cosplaying for 3 years. She makes mostly all her cosplays from scratch and loves tackling big projects!


She has cosplayed as Wonder Woman, Red Sonja, She-ra, Sergeant Calhoun, Harley Quinn and many more!


It is highly likely that The Crystal Wolf will bring her new Hawkgirl cosplay with her to Comic Con Scotland, complete with a 12 foot set of articulated wings!


Mad Eye Cosplay is a fabulous cosplayer who shows over 30s can do this too! From Klingons to Harry Potter legends he makes all his own prosthetic work. Mad Eye will be in attendance at Comic Con Scotland and is proud to be attending for a second year. He will be happy to pose for photos and chat to everyone. He has also promised not to turn students into Ferrets, however he has not made the same promise about their Parents. Come and meet Mad Eye Cosplay and you can enjoy Comic Con Scotland together. Let’s have a Magical time, cast spells together and keep the convention safe from Death Eaters!


Rangercosplayuk are a bunch of nerds who love to cosplay as their favourite characters from the Power Ranger franchise.

They raise money whenever they can for charity and enjoy interacting with the Comic Con community.


Comic Con Scotland welcome the fabulous Amy and Jen.

Amy and Jen have been cosplaying for years individually but for Comic Con Scotland they are uniting as two of Gothams favourite villains Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

They regularly attend charity events and conventions and want to share their love for cosplay with everyone.

Cosplay gives these ladies a chance to entertain and be themselves.