@TheArrow_uk and @Canarycosplay_uk cosplay The Green Arrow and Black canary from the CW TV series ‘Arrow’. Initially their cosplays started as halloween costumes back in 2016 as a couples costume, but over time they have worked on improving the suits to become something else. Their love of cosplay has introduced them to many fantastic people who share their love and that is what they strive for. They are both known for the characters they cosplay both within the cosplay community and out of it too.


The Crystal Wolf is a prolific and extremely passionate Scottish cosplayer with a highly diverse range of skills and a fantastic love of the 80s! Also known as Erin Kirkwood, she has been making costumes for over two years on the comfort of her living room floor! She enjoys challenging herself and is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to projects. These have included Predator, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Hawkgirl, Rachel Amber, Sergeant Calhoun and her own mashups Blood Elsa and White Walker Daenerys. The list is endless! She specialises in EVA foam and worbla for armour-building but is now pushing herself more with fabrics, animatronics and lights. The Crystal Wolf was on the first cover of Cosplay Community Magazine and has won several competitions. If you see her at the con she has time for anyone and loves a chat so stop by! She wants everyone at the con to be excellent to each other... and party on dudes! 


THE GHOSTBUSTERS ARE COMING TO FOR THE LOVE OF THE 80'S Fan Franchises the Ghostbusters of Scotlandand Ghostbusters of Glasgow ( are joining forces to sweep for ghosts during For The Love of The 80's. See the teams at their table, get photos with fan made props and help the teams raise money for SAMH ( with fun games and prizes all weekend”


Lil-Bow is looking forward to Comic Con Scotland this year end would like to send a message to people attending the event.

"Hiya, My name is Lil-Bow cosplay (Lil), I am 11 years old and have been cosplaying since the age of 6 ( almost half my life!!!!). I am mostly known for my unicorn/ centaur cosplays which have been upgraded over the years as i have grown, I will be creating one of the rainbow ponies from My Little Pony for the ' For the love of the 80s event. Please come and say hello & get a photo xxx 

Mad Eye Cosplay

Mad Eye Is a Scottish Cosplayer with over 30+ years of experience. He first started in the 1980’s as a Klingon from Star Trek and over the years raised Thousands of pounds for many Charities, mainly Children in Need.

He has appeared on BBC Children’s programmes, Radio Scotland, Children in Need and many Live News broadcasts gaining UK, European & World exposure. He was given the title of Battle-Lord Zen'Kura Epitai Karastaisorry by the largest Klingon Fan group in America, the Klingon Assault Group. He was heavily involved with the Scottish Star Trek Conventions in the 90’s & 00’s and been involved in running smaller intimate conventions as the Committee Vice Chair and Guest Liaison of Valiant Events/USS Valiant. Over the years his Cosplays have covered many TV/Film franchises such as Star Trek, Laurel & Hardy, Star Wars, Dr Who, Batman ’66, Horror, Rocky Horror etc.. A recent Leg Amputation has opened up new avenues of cosplay, such as a Traditional Pirate with Peg Leg and of course Professor Alastor Moody from Harry Potter. Recently Mad Eye Cosplay appeared as Professor Moody @ The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry gaining great reviews and feedback. Mad Eye Cosplay will be in attendance at Comic Con Scotland as “The Battle-Lord” and will be happy to pose for photos and chat to everyone. (However he may bite. You Have Been Warned !)

Come and meet Mad Eye Cosplay and we can enjoy Comic Con Scotland together. Let’s have a Glorious time together. Today is a Good Day to attend Comic Con Scotland 


The Goonies is a 1985 American adventure comedy film about a band of kids who live in the "Goon Docks" neighbourhood of Astoria, Oregon, attempt to save their homes from demolition, and, in doing so, discover an old Spanish map that leads them on an adventure to unearth the long-lost fortune of One-Eyed Willy, a legendary 17th-century pirate. During the entire adventure, they are chased by a family of criminals called the Fratellis, who want the treasure for themselves.

The younger brother of the Fratellis is a deformed immensely strong man called Sloth.

He is a very popular fan favourite from the movie and is amazingly recreated by Irelands Sloth

who is one of the best interactive cosplayers out there. Amazing entertainment value and fitting for an 80s show.

Hey you guys!!! Sloth is coming to Edinburgh!!